Mark Your days, IMU! The Golden Week of 19S & LDK 18S is Here!

Calling all IMU students! Get prepared to have a good time academic fulfillment and unwind with some a laugh sports! The lots-awaited Golden Week is upon us, committed to both the graduating magnificence of 19S and our upcoming seniors, the LDK 18S batch.

This year, things are a bit different! To ensure all of us receives the most out of the festivities, the celebrations for each batch will be held on separate days. Here’s a breakdown of what to anticipate:

104/05/2024SATURDAY10:00 TO 12:00 PMWHITE COAT DAY
206/05/2024MONDAY10:00 TO 12:00 PMBLACK DRESS DAY
307/05/2024TUESDAY10:00 TO 12:00 PMSCRUB DAY
408/05/2024WEDNESDAY10:00 TO 12:00 PMCHARACTER DAY

Location – IMU Campus – ул. Анкара 1/17, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Why a Golden Week?

The Golden Week is a loved IMU lifestyle that acknowledges the importance of educational milestones. It’s a time to:

  • Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge the hard work and determination of both graduating and senior college students.
  • Foster Camaraderie: Strengthen bonds within batches and across the IMU community.
  • Create Lasting Memories: Provide a platform for college students to create unforgettable reports earlier than they embark on the next chapter.

Beyond the Celebration

The Golden Week is greater than just festivities. It’s a springboard for the destiny. Here are some lasting takeaways:

  • 19S Graduates: As you embark to your professional trips, recollect the values instilled at IMU.
  • LDK 18S Seniors: This is a essential year for instruction. Use the Golden Week as a motivational increase to excel for your very last yr.
  • IMU Community: Let the Golden Week spirit inspire you to attempt for excellence for your educational interests.

The IMU Golden Week promises to be a time of vast joy, pleasure, and celebration. Let’s create memories with a purpose to last an entire life!

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